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The firm is headed by its founder, Gil Gerald, and serves its clients through services provided by him directly or in combination with one or more expert consultants from a growing pool of over 50 social services and health services professionals. Consultants are selected on a project by project basis to match the skills and experience required. The pool is culturally, linguistically, racially, ethnically and gender diverse.

Gil Gerald & Associates, Inc. is a minority owned and operated small business, incorporated in the State of California, and registered as a Foreign Corporation in New York State. We have provided consulting services to community-based non profit organizations, national non profit organizations, private for profit organizations, and federal, state, county, and municipal government agencies since we were first established in 1990, and later incorporated in 1993. Ninety-six percent (96%) of the company’s shares are held by LGBT individuals, and 69% are held by people of color.  Eighty-three percent (83%) of the Board of Directors is made up of LGBT persons and 67% are people of color.  Gilberto (Gil) Gerald is the President of GG&A.

Under the Government's classification systems for organizations, our NAICS classification codes are 541611, 541618, 541690, 541720 and 611430.

  • Our Team

    We are focused on coordinating the efficient delivery of technical consulting services. This includes the handling of online and over-the-phone requests for assistance from current and prospective clients. We develop technical assistance and training plans that responds to each client's specific needs, and coordinate the delivery of the services by the most appropriate consultant or team of consultants.

  • Our Board

    The Board of Directors includes a majority of the shareholders of this closely held corporation, and they are accountable to all shareholders, and responsible for corporate policy and compliance, and participate in guiding the management and strategic direction of the organization.

  • Consultant Pool

    The corporation maintains a growing pool of consultants to provide technical consulting services to organizations throughout the nation. We take pride in recruiting, screening, enlisting and monitoring the performance of consultants with the requisite professional skills and experience to deliver excellent services. Our recruitment also emphasizes cultural, linguistic, ethnic, racial, sexual orientation and gender diversity as part of a commitment to cultural competency and social justice.

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